Mr. Verret's very personal approach allows the audience to retain the safety message. He is highly successful with changing driving attitudes among Sailors, Soldiers and Marines. Mr. Verret has over twenty years of experience presenting his program to very satisfied clients such as the United States Marine Corps, United States Army and National Guard units across the United States. He has additionally performed for private companies such as IBM, Ford, Toyota and Hunter Industries. In all, he has trained over 500,000 persons.

Mr. Verret has been called upon to present his traffic-safety message in various time formats: depending on the time considerations of the Commanding Officer or Safety Office and the desired safety material to be covered. His typical show however, runs ninety minutes long.

Mr. Verret spends the initial portion of his presentation performing high-energy, audience-participation comedy. Next, he blends in folksy stories of his Cajun roots back in Louisiana. After developing a wonderful rapport with the audience, he launches into a traffic-safety message that holds 100% of the audience's attention. A blend of humor, stories and serious straight-talk is used throughout the course, along with quizzes, drawings, handouts, power-point presentations and role-playing. Mr. Verret also often utilizes games between "teams" created within the audience to better facilitate understanding of his listeners and enhance the learning

  • Attitudes which contribute to crashes
  • Avoiding crashes
  • Avoiding traffic tickets
  • Aware driver how to increase awareness behind the wheel
  • Cell phones and why they are unsafe to use while driving
  • Fighting fatigue behind the wheel
  • Five great tips to minimizing stress behind the wheel
  • How to avoid getting in confrontations with other drivers
  • How to evaluate and modify our own driving practices
  • How speed kills
  • Higher crash rates following deployment group discussion
  • Inside the mind of the Sailor, Soldier or Marine behind the wheel group discussion
  • Safety belts; laws and why you really need them
  • Supportive driving and why it's better than defensive driving
  • The "Stevie Springer Show" discussing pet peeves of other drivers
  • TRIPS planning to return home safe
  • Advertising Alcohol. Misconceptions and marketing ploys.
  • Checkpoint tests given by police
  • Civil vs. military penalties
  • Designated driver tips and plans
  • DUI as opposed to DWI and OWI
  • How alcohol affects your driving, vision, reaction and motor skills
  • Open container laws
  • Specific and typical DUI crime stories and Consequences
  • Zero tolerance laws for minors
  • Buying a car: what they never teach you about buying one
  • Crash game: guess who was at fault in the crash
  • City vs. rural driving factors
  • Insurance for your auto. What is required and what should also be purchased
  • Maintaining your vehicle and prolonging its driving life
  • Safety features of the vehicle
  • State DUI, signaling, speeding
  • Street signs. Do you know what these signs are?
  • Suicide Prevention: How to save a friend
  • The Smith System of Defensive and Aware Driving. The five seeing habits to learn
  • Why we need to follow the laws instead of just knowing them

"How to Save a Life" is Steve's newest 30-minute presentation... which can be added on to his normal program.
A look at today's major problem of youth suicide and immediate take-home techniques that will allow the audience to find hope and help with this very serious problem.