Steve Verret is...

a very funny Cajun stand up and improv comedian who happens to also be a traffic safety expert!

Steve has performed his very unique and extremely funny safety presentation to over 100,000 people so far. Steve mostly performs these days for our brave troops in the United States military.

What if we could make SAFETY MEETINGS FUN?

That was the question we asked ourselves several years ago. We had heard that safety meetings were boring, dull, long and unmemorable.

Most companies hold safety meetings often to remind their employees of the benefits of being safe on the job. Most Safety meetings include topics such as workplace safety, earthquake preparations, first aide, etc. However, Many More Hours of worktime are actually lost due to TRAFFIC CRASHS to and from the workplace, driving on the job and lost driver’s licenses due to such violations as DUI, Roadrage, Excessive Speeding or multiple violations of the DMV rules and regulations. Our concept is simple, we have hired the most popular, funniest traffic school instructor in America to teach your workforce traffic safety concepts that will keep them alive and out of trouble!


Steve Verret, an IMPROV comedian with over 10 years experience in teaching traffic safety and the laws and safe driving practices which affect us each day on the road. Fun, Safe, Effective is our Motto.
Your staff will love you for asking us to entertain them!